Robert William's Granddaughter Sarah Jane Williams

Sarah Jane Williams Farmer
“The eighth child and fourth daughter of John Shoebridge Williams was named Sarah Jane and was born May 4th 1829. [Sarah Jane was born 39 years after the 1790 death of her grandfather Robert Williams and 29 years after her father John Shoebridge Williams left Carteret County with his widowed mother and several other Quaker families who set out for the “Northwestern Territory” in 1800.]

“[Sarah Jane] married in 1848 George Clinton Farmer of Cincinnati, Ohio, and her daughter Jennie Belle Farmer, born October 9th, 1852, married Frank Gridley Fowler of Bridgeport, Conn., and had twin boys, Francis and Frederick, who were born September 18th, 1887.

“…I am indebted to Mrs. Jennie B. Fowler for the copy of a map, drawn by John S. Williams in 1864, copied by Francis Fowler in 1904. In 1864, John S. Williams [age 74] went back to North Carolina, drew this map, and there shows a little plan of his father, Robert Williams’ house, close to a creek, and also close to the Newport River, where Wm. Fisher’s farm was at that time." Sarah Jane Williams Farmer died in 1930 at the age of 99.