Extract from Records Mentions Williams' Will

Carteret County Records, Book L, page 309
Information gathered by D.W. Morton of Beaufort about 1919

Benjamin Stanton, of Carteret County, N.C., acting Trustee and Executor of the Estate of Robert Williams, deceased, late of Carteret County, N.C., to William Fisher, Carteret County: Whereas the said Robert Williams did by his last will, dated September 2nd, in the year of 1790, nominate and appoint the said Benjamin Stanton with sundry other persons as Trustee and Executors to manage and settle all the worldly affairs after his decease, giving him full power and authority to sell and dispose of so much of every part of his estate, whatever real or personal as they should find necessary for discharging the said debts brought against the estate, having due regard at the same time to the welfare and support of his family, whereas the said Benjamin Stanton, who is the only person who has since been qualified to act as aforesaid, has after advice and due consideration found it most considerate with the intuition of the said Testator and least injurious to the welfare of his family, to sell the mills on Black Creek, with 100 acres of land lying continuous thereto, and accordingly on the day, the date hereof being the 18th day of March, 1791, the said mill and land being set up at public sale and struck off the aforesaid Wm. Fisher for 900 pounds current money of the State aforesaid, the receipt whereof the said Benjamin Stanton doth hereby acknowledge, etc.”

It appears from the above that Robert Williams made his last will two days before he died. A careful search has not revealed a record of this will, and it is possible that it was destroyed with other records by a fire that occurred in the Carteret County court house.