1919 Letter from D.W. Morton

D.W. Morton House 118 Orange St. Beaufort NC
Mr. M.F. Williams
St. Louis, Mo.

Dear Mr. Williams,
Your recent favor of the 20th received. In regard to your Great Grandfather, Robert Williams, living in Beaufort 50 years after Beaufort was founded in 1713, will say he lived here during 1775-1776. If you look over the copies of the letters I sent you relative to his making salt at Gallants Point, and at what is now known as the old Salt Works which is on what is now known as Taylor’s Creek, about one mile East of Beaufort, during this period. He lived in Beaufort, according to our Colonial records, and the early history of North Carolina states he was the first person that ever extracted salt from sea or salt water. This method, as I understand, was to turn the salt water into a drying vat and wait for it to evaporate or dry out; and while this seems to be the present generation to have been a primitive mode, I judge from his letters to the Council of State that it was successful….
Yours very truly, D.W. Morton - Beaufort, N.C., 12/23/1919
D.W. & Minnie Stanton Morton