Old Water Power is Still in Use

Milton F. Williams wrote,

"In 1919 a saw mill stands on the east end of the dam where the old Robert Williams saw mill formerly stood. This saw mill had not run for the last two or three years. The old grist mill, as rebuilt at the west end of the dam, is still in operation in 1919. About 200 yards from the present grist mill is the spot amongst the trees where Robert Williams is buried.

"The Directors of Carteret Lodge, at a meeting held September 9, 1920, at the Lodge, reiterated through their Secretary, J.W. Goodson, the permission given to M.F. Williams to fence in and care for this grave of his great grandfather Robert Williams. Under the laws of North Carolina, the State protects a private burying ground, and the future owners of Carteret Lodge, should it change hands, cannot molest or interfere with this grave and fence.

"The old mill pond is still practically the same as it was in great grandfather’s time, as illustrated.

Table with Button Mold
"Cut No. 35 shows an old piece of furniture which is supposed to have been handed down from my great grandfather through his descendants, with a button mold, and shows the mode of making buttons at that time. All farmers, all settlers, all pioneers, made their own buttons in those days, as they had no other means of getting them in this country.

"Cut No. 36 shows a stand or table containing a pewter platter and two pewter plates, which legend states are relics of our ancestor in North Carolina, Robt. Williams, and now in possession of my first cousin Levina Gibbons, living near Barnesville, Belmont County, Ohio."