Records of Dillinghams & Williams Families from 1640-1930

Compiled by Charles H. Lloyd

Map of Wales from
M.F. Williams book
The Williams History
According to this record, “Robert Williams came from a Welsh family. He was twice married, his first wife was Lady Elizabeth Dearman, who was first cousin to Queen Anne of England and her maid-of-honor. He came from England to America soon after their marriage…their only child Richard was born in the year 1770. A year later when Richard was one year old Elizabeth died.

“After the death of his father, who owned a large estate, Robert started to Wales to claim his share but was shipwrecked on an island, and for some time it was supposed that he was dead…after considerable delay he arrived in his native land, he found the estate divided among the other members of the family and never came into possession of his share. He owned, however, some valuable mills in North Carolina and was the owner of several hundred slaves…


“Note: These facts came to the knowledge of Charles H. Lloyd through his conversations in early life with Grandfather (Richard Williams) and Aunt Lydia Stanley, nee Williams, whom he was with frequently.

“Richard’s nurse was a native African woman. She was stolen from her country by slave dealers. His first language was her dialect, and when he was an old man he could repeat many words she taught him. She used to tell him the sad story of being snatched from her twin babies which she had left in the shade while she picked berries. She lived to a great age, and died in Ohio, where she had been brought with the family when they emigrated there.

“At an early age, Richard was placed in another home and was seldom with his father’s family, but was cared for at his father’s expense. He well remembered a number of keepsakes, among them a piece of Queen Anne’s coronation dress, which belonged to his mother. [These keepsakes] were distributed among the children of the second family, and many of them no doubt are still in the possession of their descendants.”