First Brick House in Carteret County and Williams' Marker

Milton F. Williams wrote,

"Great Grandfather Robert Williams built the first brick house in Carteret County, N.C. He brought the brick over from England in his own ship. The front of the house faced North, and a path led down from the front door to the spring. It consisted of a large dining room with fireplace, a large kitchen with fireplace and chimney at the Southwest corner, the family bedroom at the Southeast corner, a large room next to it with a door opening to the passage leading to the East door. The dining room or parlor had two pantry or store rooms at one end at the Northwest corner. A flight of stairs went up to the attic chamber, which were lighted with windows in each gable end.

"None of the original building are now standing, but a keeper’s house is located at the present time [1921] on the site of Robert Williams’ brick house…

"Robert Williams was a Tory in his political belief. During the [Revolutionary] War, he accepted a good deal of Continental money in his trading transactions and many accounts owing him were not paid. He also suffered reverses by the loss of one or more of his trading vessels, and from being a wealthy man became in the last years of his life considerably involved in debt. When his estate was settled up, there was found very little of his former wealth, and his family estate is said to have suffered from bad management or worse on the part of the executors.

"Robert Williams died September 4th, 1790, and was buried on the family estate about 200 yards from the old grist mill and dam. His grave was finally discovered through the efforts of the present writer, and a suitable stone and enclosed fence were erected by me, his great grandson.

"The accompanying [marker] shows the testimonial of my regard that I have been privileged to erect to his memory."